What time of day is best to tidy up

Cynthia O.
My best time for tidy up Is in the evenings. I like waking up to a clean kitchen in my. If I don’t get it done in the evening and the next morning get started off on the wrong foot. I’m trying to accomplish this on a daily basis
Montana T.
I tidy up every Ritual/Routine. It becomes automatic. I also pick four areas I work on everyday. Laundry
The Kitchen
I spend about 15 minutes for each of 3 Rituals. Laundry is pretty easy. I donone load takes 2 hours from Wash, to putting the clothes away, and I leave my husband's and my daily clothes in the Laundry room.
Annett M.
It’s better to do in the evening, because it makes you prepared for the feeling of completedness. That’s what I found out)
Kirsten Y.
Personally I prefer the end of the day. Or, the transition period between my work day and the after work period. Morning before starting anything is also good, but because I typically exercise then, it can throw off my sense of routine and I feel rushed
Kevin W.
Early in the day or late in the day. I avoid the work portion of the day but do stop and pick up ir sweep every time I go in a room to help.
Ansgar U.
It is more convenient to tidy up after work or school then take a quick shower and then sit in a comfortable environment
Lamia Y.
I do it as I go because if I let it pile up I feel overwhelmed just looking at it and don’t want to clean anything. I also do like a 5-minute sweep of the kitchen before going to bed (wiping the stove top the table, emptying it water jugs, etc)