Do you have a set time you put aside each day for cleaning and tidying?

Christiane X.
Not really. Because there is always something going on and so many people in the house, it’s a constant activity throughout the day. It’s almost like I’m never not cleaning lol. But as the kids get older, they’ll have more responsibilities which will free up my time. So, this is just temporary.
Francisco F.
No, not necessarily. I take the time to clean when my room is too messy, but I don't clean everyday. I probably should, but I just get so busy.
Daniella O.
I try to clean an tidy as soon as I wake up. It helps me start my day feeling productive. If I need to, I'll clean before I go to bed
Ambre Q.
At the moment, no. With a newborn, you work around their sleep and awake times to get your tasks done. I try to stay organized with my time, and have a plan for when I’ll try to get it done, or how I’ll use my time, but I don’t set those tasks in stone. If the baby is sleeping lightly, I’ll reconsider my cleaning/tidying for a different time. Nevertheless, I find a time to tidy up before bed so that I can have a proper start to my next day.
Andr A S.
No.. I feel much pressure if I put some timer to do my daily tasks (except for studying and reading, in which I need to set a timer so I can’t get lost and to help me to re-charge my energy again and that’s by dividing these mental tasks into smaller one ). However, I prefer to do the cleaning and tidying in fixed and systematic steps, and with time you will get use to it.
Mary J.
While I don’t actively put time aside, I do try and clean sometime before bed. Therefore I can tidy up from the day and I know I probably won’t make anymore mess 😉
Lucas U.
Yes at night before bed for light cleanup. Dishes before I take a take a shower before bed. Dishes. Shower. Light clean. Bed. Then it feels like doing chores is self-care than a chore. Ya feel?
Lauren S.
In the morning the bathroom is reorganized. After dinner the cookware and kitchen counters are cleaned. After cleaning the kitchen laundry is started.
Acing V.
I like to tidy everything up either right before I go to sleep or as soon as I wake up, it just helps to wake up to a clean environment ready for the day
Olivia X.
I try and tidy up as I go but I do allow myself some time in the evening to put everything away so I wake up in a tidy space.
Cassia W.
Yes, I tidy my bedroom in the morning before I start my work, and then again in the evening. Throughout the day, whenever I use something, I always put it back in its proper space.
Felora N.
yes! you could do a ten minutes tidying before going to bed. i usually put things back to it's place and tidy up my bed a little bit, so it's comfy for me to sleep.
in the morning, i tidy my bed before i go showering!
in the evening, i usually tidy up my workspace and sweep the floor.
also, at the end of the week i sort my papers and books that i use throughout the week!

that's it from me, i hope it's not confusing 🙂

Julia F.
When I used to work, yes. My days off I would clean and do the laundry. But now with covid-19 seems I got a lil more into cleaning and tidying stuff and be aware of the dirty dishes or I gotta clean the dust
Deann E.
I usually don’t make time or put time aside specifically to clean and tidy up. Instead I try to clean when I do find the time and or have the energy to do so. That’s why I downloaded this app so that I could be more organized and my mindset will be in the right area so I make it apart of my routine to where it does have a time slot in my scheduled routine.
Megan P.
Not really, I tend to do little bits of tidying throughout the day and then when I have some more time and energy, I'll do a proper cleaning session 🙂 I want to increase the amount I do daily though, and get into the habit of tidying up behind myself so that the bigger cleaning session becomes less necessary!
Gamaliel Z.
I don’t right now, but I should! Since I can’t go out rn because of the virus, I’ve been cleaning my work area before I start work on my online classes.
Lynzi Z.
Some days just do it when I can but bit of ocd make it harder because it needs a clean over every day no time but could help if I made a set time 🤔
Zora F.
I haven't set a time, but normaly I like to tide and clean a little bit after drinking my water and before eating breakfast
Casey Z.
What I've been doing is; making a point to clean as the day goes. If I feel I've gotten something accomplished I'll only clean for a portion of the time when my alarm goes off, if I haven't I'll make a point to do the whole timer.
Flora S.
With everyone being home right now, the best time to clean bathrooms is when everyone is sleeping. Tidying up in the morning gets everything neat to start the day.
When I left home to work, I tidied up before going to bed so I could see everything tidy as I rushed out the door. I enjoy a tidy cutter/free home.