How can I complete specific tasks, without bouncing around, with ADHD?

Thies T.
I usually play music in the background to help me focus. If you're trying to clean a room, keep the music in that one area. Helps anchor my wandering mind there until I'm done with whatever I need to do.
Sandra P.
One thing that has helped me personally is to ask myself – what will the task at hand help me achieve?-

Don't be harsh on yourself if you were about to study for 45 minutes and suddenly you're organizing your shoe rack instead. Think of the end results of organizing your entire dope rack vs the feeling of accomplishment of getting back to your original task.
This will help you realize which of the two tasks is more important or beneficial. And next time you're two paragraphs into to studying/reading or anything else and get that urge to bounce off to something else, repeat the same mental exercise. Visualize the end goal and get back to what's priority to you.