If I am depressed, what is an effective strategy to keep my room tidy?

Deana M.
Sometimes if you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it. Try to keep clutter to a minimum, and remind yourself that the mess will still be there later. Just do the best you can
Nadeen T.
I think the main problem is that you are depressed, and it's normal to feel depressed sometimes. But, if you are getting depressed alot then an effective strategy to get rid of depression is what you should look/ask for. And for your room, to keep it tidy I think you should clean it after every task you do. For example: when you wake up do your bed, and after you finish studying arrange your studying things like books and papers.
Alexis Z.
I struggle with depression too. I find efficiency can really help. I ordered smart outlets that have my coffee and oat meal ready in the morning and the lights on without my having to do anything. I've also downsized the soaps and bottles of various stuff in the bathroom, and keeping out only clothing I need. I also have a roomba that handles the carpet cleaning.. really would reccomend those
Melora Rouse N.
One thing at a time. Set a timer. Work for that amount and then take a times break if you need it. Give yourself a tiny reward when done.
Maja C.
When I was depressed, I decided to go see a therapist and she asked me if I preferred my therapy sessions at home or at her office. So I set all the appointments in the early morning at my house, so I was also forced to get up, tidy my room end always, at the end, I lighted a scented candle.
Now I have stopped my course of treatment, but the candle has become for me like a prize for my job. I light a candle when I study also. Anyway I take some time to watch the flame moves slowly and to breathe.
I walk away from the concepts of day,date and time, I just think that I'm here now and I can breathe.
Meditation is one possible key.

I always think that life is one single occasion, so I look for small motivational signs everywhere as if there are only for me and I am the protagonist of an adventure fantasy story.
Sorry for my English.
Take care of your precious person and unique life.

Luey P.
Sometimes, when we're severely depressed, we don't even have the energy for simple tidying, and that's totally okay. Be gentle with yourself. But, if the mood strikes you, try picking up for 5 minutes. Set a timer. Do what you can in those 5 minutes. When time is up, you can either keep cleaning or stop and congratulate yourself for the steps you took to start cleaning.
Darryl S.
Set a timer and just do 5 minutes of tidying daily. Or, identify the "messiest" parts, like laundry or trash, and make behavior modifications to set yourself up for success.
Joseph X.
Somtimes depression comes with a lot of over thinking.
Cleaning your room or mabe just do a little part of it ( your bed for example ) might help calm down. Mabe organising your personal space might as well help organise your thoughts too and increase your feeling of productivity and which can motivate you more.
I know that the physical energy seems far away from you but if you start with a little effort as getting out of bed, the process will continue until you reach a clean room and a clear mind.
Alea G.
i went through this stage when i was to depressed and had no motivation, i set a routine and a to do list for everyday, i started little and built it up to get back to where i was before.