How do you keep on top of cleaning?

Villads C.
Once I clean my room drastically I like to keep it that way for a long period of time. If it stays clean then il be more prompted to clean because the mess will be small.
Lina E.
I try to take care of small messes or cleaning tasks as soon as I notice them. If I’m unable to for some reason, I tag my partner to take care of it or make a mental note to take care of it as soon as I’m done with what I’m currently doing.
Jade S.
Cleaning as I go. Rather than putting something on the floor as I get in the house, I put it where it lives, dirty plates go straight in the dishwasher. Sometimes you don't have the time and something won't go in it's place, but if you keep on top of it, it means that when you find time it only takes a minute or two. I also have it planned in my evening routine, and when I get home I'll do a quick 5 minute job putting things away (keeping on top of that makes things far easier) and clean all the counters in the kitchen (a wipe down only takes a couple minutes) as well as do the bathroom (again, doesn't take long). I usually vacuum on the weekends, or if I get home early enough one night just so it's done, and most other things I do as and when they need doing, when I have the time.