Do you think there’s a point where you are cleaning too much every day?

Viktoria N.
Cleaning can be really fun! Once you have organized everything, you just wanna do it again to feel the same satisfaction. Its normal just try always have time for other things.
Jolene Y.
Yes! I do this sometimes and I realize that I am either anxious or feel like I like control in something. I am a home body so making my home nice makes me feel nice. Try just making a few things straight sometimes and use times so you can take a well deserved break! Give yourself acknowledgements.
Apolline E.
I don’t think there’s a thing like cleaning too much because the more you clean less you have to clean later and that gives you more time to do anything extra like if I were to have too much homework if I clean my room yesterday like completely I would have more time for my homework or to talk with friends or to do anything else and I think I could never clean too much so can’t relate
Frances X.
During week days no bit at the weekend loads – so I think I should do more regular small bits of cleaning throughout the week
Desi N.
For me cleaning is a waste of time which is better used for going to swim, reading a book, meditation, having a walk outside. So how come my house is not a mess? Well I simoly do not create it. I work clean for example, I have just what I need at home, very few things, all low maintenance stuff…
Cecilie C.
I don’t really enjoy cleaning but I want my house clean. It takes a little time to maintain it every day so it’s never out of control. It’s worth it
Gino U.
Yes. You need to learn when to relax and let the little things go. But I do recommend cleaning as you go! No need to trim the grass with scissors, but clean up after you eat and when you leave a space.
J G.
I think you need to clean every day to keep on top of things especially kitchen and bathroom. However, after decluttering it is easier to clean the rest of the home so I think a daily clean may be bordering on the obsessive unless all the chores are broken down over the week and month
Cl Mence Q.
No, exactly the opposite. I think that every day there I a point where I clean too little and I really think that I finally need to declutter my space.
Domniki X.
Well, it kinda depends! If you are going through a phase and you need it psychologically, it makes you feel good and that you fprget about problems and put your life in order, maybe its okay to do so even almost the whole day, for days… But eventually, i propose that you put other stuff on your schedule as well, to expand yourself as a person, have different experiences, change, evolve. Sadly, cleaning never ends and you need to do it pretty often if you wanna be around a fresh, clean nice environment! But cleaning is meant to help you live a better life and make everything prettier amd easier for your life, not become the goal of your life a d your only activity….. A great trick to deal with this, is to put on a timer so that you control the amount of time you clean per day and you dont spend your whole day doing that and only. Fabulous app has kinda helped me with that, as it can be easy to be haotic about it, it get too overwhelming so either you do it all day long, or not even dare to start at all! One thing at a time is the solution, so maybe 30' of cleaning per day are enough, or the amount that works for you, your goals and your schedule! Have fun and good luck!
Kemira U.
No, there is always something to clean , pick a room a day and clean for 10 min, this includes deep cleaning moping, wiping things down and sweeping