Do you do the same clean & tidy task every day, or do you look at different areas?

William Z.
I usually clean the same area- my room! Although the rest of the house isn’t perfect, looking at a messy room while trying to fall asleep gives me such anxiety! Also, it’s the last thing I do each night and it makes me feel incredibly productive.
Christian C.
Same tasks. Collect garbage inside my flat, load a dishwasher machine, release floor to prevent robot cleaner strucking, load laundry machine
Ramon P.
Making your bed should be a must everyday. It will help set the stage for your daily success as well as give you a clean space to come back to. Laundry is an easy one if you have a small project to do in the mean time. Also cleaning your shoes out of entryways can help make the flow of things feel better. I try and clean a different parts of my home everyday.
Judd W.
I look at different areas everyday. Doing so allows me to do different things so I don’t get stuck doing the same thing everyday