How do you keep the motivation to clean up right after you cook. I just want to eat

Dima X.
Eat whole grains, veggies and fruit to stay healthy and avoid meat, dairy, eggs, salt, sugar, refined grains, and processed foods. I make oatmeal with fruit on it, tofu scramble with veggies, toast with avocado, or a fruit smoothie!
Dima X.
I clean one room for 5min. A power clean before i sit down. I know it's only 5min so It makes it easier for me to do a good job and stay motivated. After that I'm done for the night
Dima X.
i leave the cleaning after the eating!! it makes things easier cz honestly cleaning right after cooking is annoying
1) food could get cold and
2) you’re probably hungry
so clean after u eat! cz then u can clean your plate, spoon etc WITH your other pots etc! (time saved)