What is the first step to becoming a minimalist?

Aiden F.
Throw all of your ideas for the day in the trash. Anything you think you need, find a reason you do not. Break yourself of habit as a form of function and instead train your functions to form habits. You can create then, once you have a clear, and blissful headspace.

Bront E.
Find an area in your life that feels really cluttered. It could be your closet, kitchen, even the apps on your phone. Once you picked an area, remove things you never use and keep the things that really do spark joy. After that, only buy or add new things to replace old ones. Finally, don’t feel pressure to become a minimalist in all aspects of life. Take baby steps! Slowly over time tackle different areas when you feel comfortable and ready.

Evel Cio F.
Figure out who you are as a person (lifestyle, interests, etc.) Then surround yourself only with items you love and need.