How much time do you spend cleaning a day!

Jessica T.
I used to clean in marathons, I can’t do that anymore. So I chunk 20 min. With a 10 min. Break. I try to complete as many as I can without burning out. It is amazing what you can done even in 10 minutes.
Belinda Z.
Too much! I aim for 3hrs including meal prep and laundry.
I try to focus on a different room or area everyday. I spend an hour in the morning, and I always start with the kitchen – trash-dishes-countertops-stovetop – sweep floor. Then I move onto whatever else needs attention- bed, cat litter etc. After an hour, I try to do some work from home. Then I spend another hour focusing on my area. If it’s the bedroom it’s pick up – laundry- change sheets- dust – vacuum. It’s ok if I have to skip a cleaning day as long as it doesn’t happen to often.
Clementina F.
10 to 15 minutes. I wash the dishes right after eating. I throwing away stuff right away and I put away things as soon as I'm done with them.
Jeannie N.
I probably do three 10 minute chunks. I have severe arthritis so some of the cleaning jobs have to be left to my friend who looks after me. I really enjoy it as after a period of severe illness It is a sign that I am recovering so it makes me happy. I try to use it as an exercise in mindfulness which helps to make it less stressful