Once a room is decluttered and organized, what system can I use to keep it organized

Kurt P.
Make sure that everything has a place, continue to go through belongings and make sure that I am only keeping things that I’m using, Spend 2 to 3 minutes every day straightening things up

Alessio W.
Make sure to straighten up everyday, even just a little bit. Do not leave any garbage or dishes or anything of that sort in the room or it will start to become a habit and get worse before you even know it. Dont have piles everywhere, maybe one or two at most but make them temporary. Make sure everything has its own place that makes sense in some way. And, for a plus, only keep things that make you happy. Seems cliché, but it works.

Marie C.
The only idea I can think of at the moment is to leave the room with at least one item that doesn't belong in it so as to drop it off in the room where it belongs.

If you make sure to take 5 minutes every day to declutter one room, even if it's only handling a few items, there should be the difference if only by law of attrition within at least a month.

Nuriya B.
Make it a habbit of folding and putting things away right away after being used. If you have children, teach them step by step to tidy up after themselves. If there is lack of time,dedicate a box to put things away for untill the evening in order to keep the place clean and make sure to enpty the box before going to sleep

Kristen X.
Once you have it clean, keep the habit of tidying up whatever you need to every evening. And if you get sick and fall behind somehow, take a little extra time right away before you get used to it being messy again.