What is the best way to keep the flat tidy? Is it better to dedicate a day each week to cleaning or having it spread over the week or month?

Aminah P.
It is better to dedicate a day each week for cleaning. For me, I prefer to clean on the weekends, mainly Saturdays, because I am free on most Saturdays. There are things you should clean everyday, like parts of your room (the bed) but some rooms, like the bathroom, I like to clean on Saturday.
Ardingue Y.
I mostly start cleaning on Friday after work or in afternoon so once in a week. But that causes the mess pile up and I have to see for it for 5 days. So I am trying to adopt cleaning flat every third day.
Martin T.
What I do each day is I clean my surroundings for ten minutes (I set a timer) and I feel better. I have dedicated one day a week to
clean my house but I realized that the more you wait, the more your house will get dirty and you will have more to clean. That is why I clean my house for ten minutes each day, there is not much to clean and your house will never be a huge mess if you clean it each and every day!
Peg F.
Flylady says, “you can do anything for 15 minutes.” Set a timer and just start there. Spread it out with small chunks — until you have company coming. Then you might need to “crisis clean.”
Identify ‘hot spots’ where clutter accumulates-tackle one per day.
Oscar C.
Okay.. I know it'sreally hard to clean your flat every day but you have also keep in mind that a good environment will give you a good day. Suppose if your room is messed up you Won't feel motivated to do anything. And again one day is not enough to clean your home. You need to clean your flat every day Speciallythe basic things. Make your bed, clean your floor, sofa make food wash your dishes. And spean a entire day where you will clean your all things..kitche, dining space and other stuff. ☺
Freddie G.
Little daily habits really help. Every morning I wake up, pour a glass of water, empty and reload and run the dishwasher if I didn’t do it at bedtime, drink the water, turn on the coffeemaker, and then throw in a load of laundry. I spend about 10 minutes tidying up, and then go make my breakfast and drink my coffee. Throughout the day I pick up or wipe off things as I see they need it. It’s simple to make that an active habit and it is so much nicer than having to do a big cleanup. It’s nice to wake up to a clean kitchen so I wipe down the counters before bed and do the dishes to run overnight unless I’m just wiped out.