What’s the best way to make cleaning more fun?

Storm A.
Cleaning can be a mindless exercise if you just do it as a routine. Let it be therapeutic, wiping away the old thoughts, baggage, hurt feelings, insecurity and start anew with a clean slate.

Lena Z.
Set a timer for small amount of time put on some music and start to clean one small area. Then when the timer goes off take a break with a reward with a timer set for a short amount of time. Repeat first steps.

Katrina Z.
To think about it as a something that can give you more time to think about yourself and your goals. When you need to clean use that time to think about your goals and the process you have gone through and what you will face with

Selma G.
Imagine an ideal space for you. Then look around and ponder, what items support the space you aspire to. Be thankful to items you are letting go and happy about the ones you own. Along the way you can memorize and play with your items, try on old clothes you find, and feel the space almost cleaning itself.