How to be more organized?

Serena V.
With ADHD, I need to write down everything, including in my google calendar to give me prompts to remember to do stuff. Along with sticky notes for goals, this helps me keep organized.
Carmine T.
To be more organized you need to know what you what to organize and how. So if you want to organize you room do it everyday untill it's how you want it. Pick out a section every day that you are going to do. After that choose if your going to make it colour coordinated or sort it by relevance to each other (e.g art supplies, makeup, creams, pallets). You can choose what ever you want. After that empty the space and make piles of your choosen way to sort things. After that see where the best place to put stuff would be ( e.g pallets- Most used at top/front and old and not very used at bottom/back). To be organized with dates put them on a Calender, one that you can download and notifies you when it needs doing would be best! This way every day when you wake up have a look at your calender and see what's on that day. To be organized with your day make a to-do list for the day the day before. This way when you wake up all of your activities will be there in front of you! Put times on when they need doing for better organization!
Meghan O.
For me, being more organized means writing things down and taking time everyday to go through everything. Keep a calendar/schedule, keep lists, and remember that when you’re just starting to get organized it can look extremely daunting before it all actually comes together.