I struggle to keep my Clean routine going on regularly. How can I keep the tempting bad habits away?

Danielle U.
Each time you are tempted to skip, imagine the feeling of walking into a clean room. Think about how peaceful it will feel, how easy it will be to find things and to work or rest in the space. Imagine how you will feel to have a guest arrive and the space is inviting and you don't have to make apologies or feel embarrassed. When you have a really clear picture of all these good feelings in your imagination, ask yourself what you would do to feel this way. Would you get up and clean for just 10 minutes, right now? I bet you would. Just 10 minutes. And before you know it, it'll be a habit. 🙂

Berndt W.
Here's a simple trick:
• Keep track of the time. Decide when you'll do you cleaning ritual and do it at that time ONLY everyday.
• Put an alarm for it. In case you're too busy set an alarm to make sure you don't miss it. Because once you miss it you won't want to do it again. That might make you lose interest in it.
• When you're cleaning, set a timer for about 20 minutes and challange yourself to complete yourcleaning ritual in that particular time.

This will make it fun and you might find yourself running around the house to clean everything when you're left with just five minutes remaining! That WILL make it fun and you won't lose interest. And u might get that little adrenaline rush or exercise that you maybe wanted.

Good luck!