I have enough space to not need to get rid of old clothes and stuff. What tips do you have to get me going?

Doris P.
Do you know where the things you like the most is? I recently spent a few concentrated weeks decluttering and found that I had all of the salt and pepper shakers from various places we visited and now I’ve removed junk and have places to display it which makes me happy. I cleared out half of my my closet and now I am enjoying not having my bedroom floor cluttered with my laundry basket and I know where all of my favorite clothes are. I cleaned out my pantry and found so many duplicates and triplicates of utensils and spices that I set up 3 college student apartments, and now I know where all of my specialty items are and am cooking more meals. I’ve actually lost 5 pounds since I’ve done all of this.
Norma T.
Read Maria Kondo “Life changed magic of tidying up”. You may not need to throw out, but someone else may need what you are no longer using
Sherry Y.
Sometimes space is meant to be empty. Just because you have it doesn’t mean it needs to be filled. In fact, clean, clear spaces can make your mind feel more clear and at peace. Cheesy, but totally true. I recommend setting aside a few hours and taking ALLLLL your clothes out of their drawers/closet/etc. piling it onto your bed so you can’t sleep until it’s down—and then picking up each piece and asking yourself these questions:

Does it fit? No—say goodbye
Does it make you smile? No—say goodbye
Do you feel good when you wear it? No—say goodbye

If it can pass those three questions than keep it and put it back where it belongs. If not, donate it. And put the bag of donations in your trunk as soon as possible that way you don’t go back on it.

It feels good not to have excess.try it on for size. Best of luck.

Soham A.
Read theses book: The life changing magic of tidying up and Spark Joy. Both by Marie Kondo and I promise you it will change your life and the way you view your possessions ❤️