What should i do if my house not clean , because child ?

Janet R.
Having a clean home is nice to have and is healthy for us physically and mentally… yet for me, making sure your child/children know they are loved is the most important thing… and that means spending time with them, be in that moment and don’t feel guilty about the housework… housework is patient and will wait for you to be ready to do it… little bits at a time… but you can’t get this time back with your loved ones

Anna F.
Involve the child in it. Make it a game. Or just a routine for them.
The sooner they get used to it, the sooner it will become the norm for them to. And in no time they will put away stuff by themselves without being reminded.

Liz Z.
Maybe try involving them in the cleaning process. Have set baskets and homes for their toys and belongings and make a game or routine of them putting away their things. Children respond well to positive encouragement, and they will develop good tidying habits early on.

Taylor J.
Try to create a game of cleaning for you and you child. He will play and help you to make your house shiny. If your child is to young, just keep it easy, show him an example of living the leaving place 🙂