What kind of music is best to listen too when cleaning?

Ottmar M.
Everyone has their own type of music also depending on there generation I like the newest hits from more of the 2006 area but you might like other music you can always make a playlist of your favourite hits but I hoped this helped
Betsy Y.
It depends on the person, his preferences and also his culture. In my case I do not need music to do it, just want to finish the plan for that day. In my culture they put the music loud with salsa and dance to the rhythm, isn’t is nice?
Felora N.
i recommend some hype/energetic music! it makes you move easily and happily! just dont get distracted by dancing and keep cleaning, okay? wish you best of luck! 😉
Lena N.
Motivational music! The kind I like to sing along to helps too. Starting with something nostalgic, then going into someone more motivational like house or techno where I no longer am thinking about the music eventually so that I can concentrate or organizing or whatever it is I’m cleaning.
Clyde R.
It depends on my mood but usually I like Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernandez and similar artists. Cumbias are also fun! I like music that talks about deep feelings. But I also enjoy Pop, Country and Old school, even oldies!