Is postponing the dishes okay or do you think you should do it immediately after you used it?

Vic J.
I find I feel better if I do them as I go but I definitely don't feel guilty if I don't have the energy to do then immediately; I just stack them neatly to so at a later stage eg first thing in the morning.

Meagan N.
It depends! Sometimes its good to get it done, and sometimes your body just needs to let them soak and chill for the next day.

Holly C.
I try to but let's be honest. Lol. That rarely happens. This is how I make sure my sink isn't constantly full. First, I make sure to rinse all of my dishes very well so food doesn't dry and get stuck on them, making it more difficult to clean later. I also try to do the dishes I dirty to prepare food as I use them. Third, I do all remaining dishes from the day before I go to bed.

Sherri Z.
You are always better off getting things done right away, but give yourself a break. Say, you have friends over don't be so task oriented that you miss out on the important things, people are more important thst dishes.