How do you keep clothes off the bed?

Allison X.
I have a giant laundry hamper that always has enough room for all my clothes. I also recommend getting a wooden clothes rack thing. I think they are called a clothes tree. You can hang your clothes over that instead of laying them on the bed.
Alma Z.
Make your bed every morning removing everything and keeping the bed clean. Put your PJs under your pillow. If you always scatter your clothes on the bed while you are changing. Set an intention to always fold and place back the items which you choose not to wear back into your closet before picking another. Give yourself the time before bed to clean your sleeping space. And if possible don’t have your closet in the room you sleep in.
Samiro Q.
I put clothes that are dirty straight into the laundry basket. Otherwise if it is something that I am going to rewear I am likely to put it on the clothes hanger
Leah J.
I don’t allow laundry in my bedroom, because I already have anxiety. For me to feel peace while I’m sleeping, I can’t allow any extra clutter.
Heather E.
I put them in there "other places, clothes basket or put back up" immediately. It annoys me for that moment but I am also grateful it's done
Hawa F.
I have 2 clothes baskets 1 for clean clothes that I really should put away and another for dirty clothes. Now admittedly I tend to fish through the clean clothes until it is empty a habit I soon hope to break
Samank C.
I have a little table at the end of the bed where I fold everything that I'm using and whatever it's yet too clean to go to the laundry, but not enough to go back to the wardrobe.