What do you think are essential cleaning item?

Caroline P.
For me it definitely has to be a vacuum. I have really thick and long hair so it’s always shedding. If I didn’t have one my floor would turn into a carpet. However, regarding what is going on right now with the corona virus, disinfectant wipes are a must! I am constantly cleaning door handles and surface areas.
G Raldine F.
There is more than one item

But definitely what you need most is your presence of mind before the cleaning process

to know what you want to achieve and not get distracted by small details

Tom Y.
Mrs Meyers cleaning products. I love the scent of lemon verbena, it SMELLS clean and I just enjoy using it! I also love spraying the lavender room spray in my bedroom before sleeping.
Sophia O.
Sanitizing wipes, so that you can remove dirt, stains, and germs from any surface. Several bags – two plastic ones (one for trash, one for giveaway items) and a recyclable bag for recycling. A vacuum, lint roller, duster… anything to suck up dirt and remove dust from items.
Julian T.
I believe the first thing needed is a large garbage bag. After getting rid of the obvious garbage clutter, you can attack the excess clutter. Then you can organize what you want to keep.
Ant Nia Z.
Tidying up clothes around your room is a good one, you can sort them into washing or fold them and put them away. Your space looks a lot tidier just from that.
Hektorite S.
For me I try and use as many natural and reusable products as possible for cleaning, so I have a big set of washable fabric scrubbers and dishcloths, so I always have enough and then can machine wash once I've used them. Also I use tesco (in the UK) own brand eco cleaning products.
Andreas W.
A broom and a mop. I feel like the floor gets so dirty super fast and when the floor is dirty the whole house looks dirty, so a broom and a mop are essential to clean it.
Susan Q.
I'm trying to make my own. So I'm using vinegar and also diluted bleach at times. Also hydrogen peroxide.

Also essential is the desire to be clean in the space your living in. Does it make you happy or depressed when you look around?

Jade Q.
it's always good to have a wipe/ cloth of sorts when cleaning, a spotless surface is much more inviting and positive-emotion-stimulating
Ambry P.
Trash bags of some kind, that way you’re not walking all over the place and get distracted. Possibly cleaning gloves, depending on the mess.
Mo Z.
A duster or wet towel for dusty areas, vacuum cleaner for the floor, recycle bins for paper and plastic, endurance for cleaning your photo gallery or inbox