How do you avoid letting laundry pile up after it’s been washed and dried?! Folding is the worrrrrst, is there a better way?

Sandor Y.
I make it part of my multi tasking routine. I have the washing bucket set by the tumble dryer so I trip over it everytime I go past. Once all clothes out I fold straight away and place in room piles. As I walk around the house each room pile gets delivered to the occupant or put away.

Adina N.
I usually don’t have that problem. Mine is usually getting started and then when I am finished I automatically put them away. One less thing to do and one more item checked off my list 😊

Stephanie Z.
We have stackable laundry bins with an open face to sort laundry as it comes out of the dryer. If I can't fold it right away, I can tackle it one person at a time. Additionally, each family member can find their clothing much easier.

Sofia P.
I usually let it pile up on my bed, but when I actually do it I realize I do it while standing up in the kitchen, which is where my washing machine is located.

Emma U.
Do it right away. As soon as your stuff gets out of the drier-fold it while it’s warm. Figure out how long it takes to do laundry and when it makes the most sense to do a load. I often let laundry pile up before it’s washed. I’ll wait until I literally have no clean clothes left to wear.

Lisa T.
The washing gets sorted into one basket for each family member, then each basket goes into their room. After that putting the clothes away is then responsibility of each person. That way there isn’t one massive pile of folding to do.