What are the essential things you keep on your work desk?

Bryan B.
Office supplies (pens, highlighters, white out, paper, stickies), positive feedback notes and cards from patients/families/coworkers, photo of my husband and I, photo of the cats
Nevaeh B.
I keep a handheld portable USB fan to keep me cool (I have a hormone condition which makes my body struggle with temperature control, espesh if I get stressed) I have a water bottle that measures water intake through the day. I have a jar of French sugary sweets which remind me of holiday & that I share with colleagues. I have my work phone but also personal phone with reminders set on it in Fabulous to drink water, breathe. Walk etc …. I have a box of chocolate biscuits today too sharing with the team & a bag of almonds for protein power 🙌
Caleb T.
Pens that I love to write with that do not soak in to my hand too much. I am a lefty so ink smear on your hands and paper is inevitable! White out tape. Swingline stapler. Staple remover. Paper clips. Binder Clips. Bubbles. Wooden skull. A beautiful card of encouragement I received from Cindy Winchester close to 10 years ago before I moved from St. Louis to my hometown in West Virginia. A little magazine clipping of an old quote from C.W. Fields “Why limit happy to an hour?” Obviously it has the double meaning but it is very uplifting to me! A lamp for extra light. Oh, computer, lol!
Fred C.
Well it depends on your job but usually the essentials are things like pens, pencils, tape and exc. You get the point. But things I like to keep are things like essential oils ( specifically oils to help with stress in case of work stress relief, and ones to help calm nerves). Also healthy snacks or meals if you work full time, like apples, mini oranges, and applesauce. I personally keep salad or spinach at my desk.