I wonder, which part of the house do you clean the most? And which part do you rarely clean?

Darby A.
The kitchen and the bathroom constantly as those rooms need to be really clean. Generally the whole house needs to be in order and tidy. Like a show piece.
Raymond Q.
The kitchen and living room as that is the place my guests see the most when they come over. My bedroom also as that needs to be tidy so I have a clean mind when I sleep. I probably clean pantry, laundry and bathroom the least.
Zarin F.
My room. Because my mom cleans all other rooms by herself. I took the responsibility to clean mine to become a responsible person.
Fimma N.
I mostly clean my living room for sure. I like my direct living space to be tidy. I hate cleaning the bathroom so I often skip it…
Jood A.
I actually can't stand seeing anything not clean and "perfect", so I clean every part that I -not my mom or brotyer- have to clean (my room mostly)
Carolina F.
I clean the bedroom the most because my girlfriend is always destroying it so I'm putting alot of energy into organizing it so she has no reason to not help keep it tidy I clean the garage the least because I need to get the room in order before I can focus on a better workspace but it's deffinetly on the list to conquer
Heidi W.
I clear kitchen counters, bathroom and bedroom most often. I rarely clean the kitchen drawers, the basement and other things where I am not constantly reminded (by seeing the clutter) that it needs cleaning
Nadya Q.
My room, and my desk. That sections are always being my favourite to do activities. And the warehouse is the most seldom I cleaned😂
Adam O.
I clean my room the most! I tend to avoid organizing my chest of drawers, as I can't see what's inside when it is closed.