When is your preferred time of day to clean?

Abel Q.
I usually clean in the afternoon after school and my homework being done. Sometimes I have a lot so I take up most of the day though.
Frida Y.
I like to clean first thing in the Friday mornings as it is usually a light day and i have more energy to start with. I would like to clean every morning i Would say but having school most of my mornings I don’t have time to clean. And i don’t clean at bight just because i feel its time to relax even if I didn’t do anything in the day time, but in the same time i wish i can clean at night to wake up on clean and clear space and have some me time in a clean space to enjoy.
Michelle F.
I find it better to clean in the morning. I usually plan my cleaning the night before. I make an effort to wake up early and concentrate on the task at hand. That way I can finish earlier and have the rest of my day to relax or focus on other things.
Diana N.
Not necessarily a time of day, but whenever I have a spare moment where I'm bored or if I'm headed towards the trash can, I'll just grab a piece of trash and toss it. Or if something is in the wrong spot I'll take it at least a little closer to where it should be.
Emily I.
A wise friend gave me amazing advice. "Do your dishes every night." This was against every habit I had learned. I loathed dishes, do them every night? It baffled me. But then I tried it. It worked.
Then it became a habit. It seriously changed my life. I didn't have to live with that moldy slimey reminder of chores left undone. There have been nights it takes 3 minutes. The average for my family of 4 is about 20 minutes. Then I wipe down all my counters and table. Such a small act makes a huge difference.
Gasc O O.
If I wake up before everyone does and it's still dark, morning. If not nighttime when everyone is sleeping and it's quiet. Around late 9 pm, in that sense. In short, I prefer when it's dark and quiet with nobody to distrub unless they quietly clean with me.
Mattox Y.
It's best to clean as you go. If you can't get to the mess right after you make it, just don't let the sun set on your mess.
L Onie C.
I don't have a specific time but I do like mornings so I feel energized all day in a clean environment or in the evening so I wake up to a clean and energized feeling.
Linda W.
I prefer to clean on the weekends when I don’t have to come home after a long day of work. If it’s during the week then it’s just before bed to do a quick clean to wake up to a nice clean house in the morning
Jolene I.
Really really cleaning i like to do in the morning. Work up an apitite and a sweaty feel to get in the shower. Once i get out i feel refreshed in a nice clean and organized environment. Little things like laundry, and my makeup mirror and sink i like to do just before bed every other day!
Stay golden!
Mona Y.
I usually start cleaning at 2PM or 4PM 🙂 In the morning i don't feel like doing anything and in the evening i'm usually exhausted.
Bonnie Q.
Well it doesn’t really matter do it whenever you would like. I like to clean once I have come home from work or one hour before I go to bed.
Maddie N.
Whenever the house needs tidying up, I tidy it up. Whenever the bathroom isn’t clean, I clean it. Our house is never truly dirty because most of us pitch in and do our part in cleaning up the house.
Simon C.
The truth is, I prefer to clean during the middle of the night while everyone is asleep. It helps keep me focused because no one is awake to distract me.
Sushi Y.
Well I’m still in school, so the preferred time Is really on the weekends. But I clean in the morning and get it done right away! (I do chores after school…) hahahahaha!
Mologadi N.
In the morning mostly on weekends.I clean every weekend between 7am and 10am.I do that because during the week I have school and when I come back I’m tired ,soo I would take like 5 minutes of my time to tidy up my study area.
Beverly O.
I like cleaning in the slow and calm afternoons, as it helps me feel proud and energized: it gives me pride every time I see it, and it's a source of pride for the rest of the day.
Becka Q.
Honestly, never. And being a single mom of a 6yr old, 3yr old, and newborn, I always feel like I never have any time to even breathe, let alone do chores. I'm actually using this app to help me be better about staying on top of my chores, so that I'm not spending my entire weekend power-cleaning.
Adam C.
It depends on the day. I have my job from 7-17:00 everyday, so on days like that I prefer cleaning in the evening after the day is over. On the weekends I like to get it done with during the first period of the day, it also makes me feel productive.
Hugh N.
There isn’t really a good time- I see it as too much of a chore in my own home, while I get it done every morning in the Ember without feeling the same sense of reluctance
Kelly T.
Short answer is it depends. If I have a fairly unstructured day, and I'm likely to be at home, I prefer to get up and get things organized and cleaned up right away, as soon as I'm done breakfast, so that I have the rest of the day to do as I please and can pick up any activity without having mess, clutter or disorganization in my way. However, If I have things in my schedule that I need to take care of throughout the day, I have learned that I need to leave cleaning until the end of the day, after my other need-to-do tasks are done. Otherwise, I tend use cleaning as a (very effective) procrastination technique.
Villads P.
Probably like afternoon time or late at night. I know two very different times but both times I feel are when you have had time to get all your other bits done and can clean up and be done and not have much more to do after that. I am also a bit of a night owl so if needs be I can stay up late.
Sean A.
I like to tidy up the kitchen before I go to work so I don’t have to cook in a dirty kitchen. When I clean I prefer to clean in the morning to afternoon. That way I have the rest of the day to myself.
Vera V.
In the morning – preferably when the sun comes our and I can open the windows and let the fresh air in, which additionally cleans the air.
Rachel L.
I work during the day so my preferred time to clean is after dinner for short periods and longer cleaning periods on the weekend.