My side table next to my chair is a mess of notes and pencils and snacks. It’s a tiny table so any smart storage ideas are needed right now!

Vanessa Z.
Bookends for the note books might prove useful, and pencil/pen pouches off Amazon are a nice way to store loose pencils and what not. A small lunchbox with lots of compartments might be helpful. I hope this helps!

Sabrina J.
I have tried plastic bins for pencils/ pens. It reminds me of elementary school when we had to have the clear cases for pens. The dollar tree has zip up organizers if you don’t like those use an extra makeup bag. For snacks throw those in your purse, and as for all the notes you should put them in your phone and/ get a planner so you know where they are. I have lots of notes from acting, dancing, my sister got me a planner and it’s been helping for future auctions and my job. Sticking notes are great to keep in the planner as well. You’ll have snacks next to you while you plan and you have your pens on the go you can throw in your purse if needed or luggage bag. Especially if the pens are in a makeup pouch. I hope that all helps. I also like to keep a tiny puzzle in my purse besides snacks.