How often do you clean floors?

Anna O.
Hi! I use the vacuum cleaner every day…I have two cats, they are both male and sometimes they fight…they loose a lot of fur! I usually wash the floor once a week during the weekend, when I try to tidy up my life. 😬
Cynthia O.
I have a woman who comes in every two weeks that is provided to community services yes I am unable to do that.
If a major spill happens then I do my best whether to tidy it up or to have a neighbour or friend help me
Ir Ne Mari I.
I sweep daily as part of my evening routine. I mop obviously where spills and messes occur but other than that I mop when I see the need to mop. Definitely at least once a week as part of my Sunday deep cleaning
Samantha T.
Although I rarely ever cleaned my floors I have cleaned two floors in the last 3 days and intend to keep up a more positive trend