How do you decide to throw away things that you keep around for a project, or just dont want to ‘waste’ it, or just might fit into it soon, etc…?

Jason U.
I reckon set yourself a deadline, if I havent used it in a month or year or whatever deadline you decide fits the object/project you have, then you throw or give it away. I do the same for my clothes. If I dont use them in a year then they would be better used if I gave it away.
Maxime O.
It depends on what it is or what it was for. Also how long have you had it and did it cost anything? It’s much easier to throw away something that was free and even easier to giveaway things that might be used by someone else than throwing them away.
Christian U.
I think you’ll know it’s time and that time might be different from you to another person but it all just depends on how much to care about the project as well if you see it setting around for weeks or months then you might not care about the project like you think you do so,if you find your self always putting it off then that’s when you might know it’s time to get rid of it because if you care about anything enough then you make time for it.
Maximiano Q.
i deeply think about it that if i am going to use it and i realise i wont use it so i make a good memory with it and i throw it into the trash… but i always think of it
Vladimiro Q.
If I’m close to achieving the goal I need to meet to use the item, (ie; within a week or two), I’ll keep it around. If I’m still far off base, I’ll remove the distraction and de-clutter.
Bianca V.
If you don't get around it for a year that it's safe to say to check the expiration date. Keep it until expires or if no date is available, for a year max. 2
Eleanor P.
I started to declutter my home when I learned how to separate recyclables and non-recyclables. I would recycle the things that I find unused, such as plastics, written papers, used straws, and boxes. But when I find something memorable or useful, I would keep it.