How do you keep the house clean when you have a dog?

Karen O.
The most important change has been making sure the right tools and cleaning supplies are available. If the vacuum is too heavy or hard to use, I just won't vacuum as often! I purchased a lightweight vacuum that doesn't stress me out and now I find it much easier to keep the floors clean.

Rebecca Y.
I have a basket for all my dogs toys in the living room. It has a lid so I can hide everything when it's stored away. I have also trained my dog to put his toys in the basket too!

Malthe U.
Great question it's not easy but what I do is out of one day out of the week I super clean meaning I scrub down everything which helps me to basically do the little tasks of cleaning up the little messes my dog makes it also is part of my excersize routine

Arianna S.
My carpet cleaner is my best friend when it comes to my kids and my animals. If its been wet or muddy out, I try to keep my dog contained to a room with flooring that can be swept and mopped until his feet are dry. Keep a towel handy to dry their feet.