What must you do all the time ?

Mariele S.
Concentrate. Maintain order. My mind lags behind my whirlwind body trying to clean and tidy and remember all day every day. It is very tiring. If I could stop the merry go round and have habits in place to preempt myself I will stop needing to chase after my carnage after the fact.

Giulia E.
I must study very hard because I have entrance exam this year and I want to work in computer and computional math. I also should work hard on my mental health.

Ragia C.
I always make bed in the morning, replace cushions on sofa after they were used the night before. Do dusting in the afternoon and do some laundry if needed.

Stephanie J.
I have to have a ppan or order all the time otherwise I stress, panic and have meltdown due to the lack of control and feeling of handling my situation