Do you have any tips in ordering your time?

Cali T.
Instead of spending all your time with friends, you need to have me time. Donโ€™t forget that you need to focus on yourself. Itโ€™s not selfish itโ€™s just self care.
Elisha A.
If it's a short task, I often try to time it or give it a time limit. For instance, when I'm on my breaks at work, getting the rubbish out or dishes done during that time seems to be effective for now
Julie C.
I order my time by meals. The time until breakfast, the time between breakfast and lunch, etc. It's flexible and accounts for changes to my daily routine, but doesn't make my days more predictable. It can be harder to say "I always exercise between breakfast and lunch"
Naila X.
First .. Wake up early. Then I do ablution then I do my prayers and stuff. Some exercise .Then I study . breakfast then 2 hour sleep house chores … Afternoon prayer then meditation then evening prayers and have tea with family. Study then eat and prepare dinner wash dishes… Then to the bed….
Valdecira T.
Take a piece of paper and freshen your mind and preferably do this right after a shower and in that paper write everything you need to do in one day and the rest be realistic and ask yourself how you wanna do it trust me helps a lot and forgive yourself if u don't follow it
Maximiliano Z.
Far as ordering my time, I wake up early Mon-Fri around 5:30 and do some meditation and prayer. Then I plan my day out and how long something should take for me to complete.
Kenzie B.
Yes! Plan your day out before bed. Then, when waking up go over the agenda for the day, and for what you have time for in the daily plans ๐Ÿ˜Œ
Same T.
For tome management write down your work in a separate paper or a diary in the form of a to do list and write the amount of time you will spend on that particular task. Eg: 1. Breakfast 30 min
2. Study 52 min
3. Break 10 min etc.
Aur Lien S.
Just go with the flow, always try to be calm and drink water, try to meditate each morning and dont get on your phone until at least 9am.
Lison Q.
Try to put away all your electric decices so you can spare time to do things you actuly want to insted of juat sceolling
Franklin P.
I prefer you do the stuff assigned to you and finish them a soon as you can and mark them or put a specific thing to save time
Malou Z.
Iโ€™m not really good at ordering my time. However if you think one step ahead and keep track of whatโ€™s going on and what needs to be done. I think you will do just find. Oh and if you make a everyday schedule and something changes in that schedule donโ€™t get down but adjust and adjust that for your time.
Kritical N.
Know how long you take to do things. I give myself
30 min to wake up in the morning,
10 min to get dressed and ready,
10 min to eat,
10min for transportation,
And a 5 min morning walk.

In total I take about an hour to get ready so I always wake up, an hour early

Brooke Y.
I think the daily plan is important. This plan should be made early in the morning. A human without a plan is like a ship without a route.
Isaac T.
Find ways to keep you on track. Time yourself when doing activities. Or give yourself a time frame to complete certain tasks.
Ab Lio Q.
when using your time wisely you have to make sure that ur time is used smartly and helps you get everyone you need Don in the time that you have.
Sophia N.
I will order the things I enjoy the least first, so that I can move onto tasks I prefer to do. I will also order logically, so exercise before I shower, etc.
๐“‡๐“Ž๐’ถ๐“ƒ๐’ถ๐‘’ ๐’น๐’พ๐’ถ๐“‚๐‘œ๐“ƒ๐’น N.
I usually start with things I find the most difficult for me to complete,then eventually work myself to the easy things,allow yourself temporary breaks and keep going,once youโ€™re done youโ€™ll feel rewarded.๐Ÿ’—
Angie A.
Type all the things that you need to do then think in which order would work best for you set reminders or a time to do it
Christoffer Y.
Ordering my time? I dont. If I get the question right, the few times it is necessary, i deal with any time-critical events when due, but all else i consider to be free to happen when they do, and thus believe i dont get as stressed out about it. In fact this is one of my flaws i would like to get rid of – not caring for the execution of events or routines makes it very difficult to do some necessary but boring every day tasks.
Logan Q.
Find people who had the same struggles as you and use their strategies you can find lots of people online especially on tiktok let me tell you I have ADHD and some people with ADHD really give great advices so check their hacks.
Salwa F.
Hmm sure !
Sleep early to wake up early
Plan your day and try to put times on it to Finnish it on time so you could go to another plan or task and the important thing is to plan you day the night before.
Mocinha Z.
Have you heard of parkinsons law, I think that's how you spell it? Well, it is very helpful for me when I am managing and maximising my time.
Liri T.
The best way to organize your time is to start with the hardest things that take out all your energy and then go to the fun and the more relaxable things
Mads G.
If we are thinking about the same thing when talking about ordering your time, i would say one off the best life hacks ever is to either:

A) before going to bed, visualize how tomorrow is going to be, or

B) if you do like me and start everything day with some easy stretches/meditations, you can always use 2-3 minutes to go through the day in your mind.

It will make you better prepared as well as you will get the idea of where to put in those small extra things you want to do.

Malori P.
Setting up alarms throughout the day is something I've been doing since last month, their mostly timed at random but they help remind me what time it is before I lose track of time again.
Waldin Lia C.
It is different from person to person so what might work for me moght not work for you. I found i had an easier time organizing my day by setting a not to do list and using the fabulous app as the to do list. Hope this helps.
Chiamaka C.
My time isn't really ordered but I try my best to achieve the goals I have set in the app. I also make sure to accomplish my goals everyday so it can become part of me