How do you store makeup to make it easy to get at?

Kurt W.
I categorize my cosmetics. Lipsticks in a box. Eyeliners and mascaras in another. My pallets in a basket and makeup and powders in a little cosmetics bag.
Elizabeth Z.
Right now, I am using a train case that I store underneath my bed. I do not have room in my apartment for a place to really “get ready” and don’t generally wear much makeup at all, except for going out on weekends and special events. I have been considering changing that up, though. I’ve become a little more interested in using a little more makeup daily, so I think I may move to having a small makeup bag with essentials for a daily look easily accessible in the bathroom.
Melissa U.
I have it all together in one bag, a leopard bag, that I got from an Ipsy ultimate monthly subscription, and I love. I put everything that I use, or would like to use, for the season and the brushes, ect in that bag, under my sink. They (Ipsy)have a big box they send the stuff in, and everything that I’m not using for the season, but will use in the next season, ect, I store in that box and store it away. Hope this helps!
Neil U.
Organize by type such as eye and face. Keep most used products on top in clear bins or labeled drawers next to your favorite place to get ready for the day.