I have many things in my closet that I don’t know to organize and tidy them, do you have any idea how to get rid of some? Or even organize them?

Zoe U.
I recomend takeing ALL of your clothes out and make 2 piles the one for the things that you wear often and the ones you don't then grab a trash bag and but all of the clothes you don't like on the bag. Then you only have what you wear often and party clothes if you have way too much party clothes get rid of some even if you like them. Separate clothes into the things you only use at home and the ones for outside and organize them in different places. You may take a lot of time unless you are flash so make sure you have a complete day to dedicate to this and don't have anyone help you in my opinion it's a process you should go by yourself. Good luck!
Wiltrud T.
So the first thing u want to do is try on ur clothes and the ones that don't fit anymore get rid of them…then organize ur clothes by color…it looks so neat when ur done
Natalia O.
Start by putting everything out. Then try to think of what you really use and need.
Try to donate the things that are not used as much and are not very necessary. After that categorice your items and put them in a place that makes sense.