I have not been able yet to get rid of everything at once. I find myself getting rid of a bit of stuff, such as a few mugs or few pieces of clothing. A few weeks later, I’ll get rid of a few more. I have WAY, WAY, WAY too much stuff. After 45 years of marriage, it’s overwhelming. How do I get rid of more stuff at once? I like giving to Salvation Army, or to people who really need things. The things I have are good, in good repair, in fashion, etc. that’s not the problem. It’s me. Parting is not sweet sorrow. It’s HARD.

Norberta Q.
Hi. I totally understand what do you mean, because I have the same problem. Since I have my little girl (3 years) I still keep all the stuff we don’t really need anymore. And what we need now is space. I noticed that when I am getting rid of some stuff like a bigger amount of clothes or cosmetics, I feel like something is coming off my shoulders. I was reading that things are absorbing inner energy from us and by declutering we can make a space for a new things coming in our life. And I feel like I am experiencing exactly that effect, I have noticed changes in my life since a garage sale and it is not finished yet. I am planning to get rid of much more unnecessary stuff from my home. I also noticed that trying to overcome what you talking about is good to practice every day. By simple things like a shirt with stain. No regrets. You can buy a new, clean one. Noone sees the history of the shirt, what people notice is if its clean or not. I hope I helped you a bit. Greets x
Philip W.
Think, you are child: in childhood everything is simple. You are little person and even your room is a big kingdom! Try to start with your own room and make it spacious and fresh!
Kalvokissa N.
Learn to let go. Holding on to things is holding onto old patterns so it doesn’t serve you anymore. Once you let go universe will give you in return something that matches current you when you let go of old you.
Charles Q.
It's true, but you'll feel so much lighter afterwards. The hard part is all the sentimental value attached. Once you realize it's not the things that are important but the memoried they're referring to, you'll be closer to deliverance. If you're aiming for this, it means you're already striving to get rid of that excess of things. They're weighting on your mind. You're straining to get rid of it. Let it go. Breathe.