How do you make time to clean up?

Eddie O.
I like to clean up my work space in the afternoon as a physical signal to end the work day. I might schedule bigger cleaning jobs throughout the week but leave my evening clean as an act of mindfulness and gratitude. I wipe my kitchen spaces and fold blankets on the lounge and feel how these items hold me safe and nurtured always, but especially during this time of isolation.
Uli U.
One task at a time. If Iā€™m just putting the cloths away I do that. Set a 5minute timer or however long you wanna clean and then just go for it till the timer ends. Give your self time at the end to finish anything that you may be in the middle of if the timer goes off. This is so your not cleaning and then running out the door. Also give yourself 10 mins to put away things before bed so that everything has its place before you sleep and you wake up in a better environment.
Dahlia A.
I just do, honestly, I am one of those people who enjoy cleaning!šŸ˜Š It makes me happy to know that I have at least one thing under control, even if the rest of my world is upside down!šŸ™ƒ I try to do it every night before I get in my bed so that when's I'm sleeping, I don't have anything at The foot of my bed, taking up space. I hope you find time in your routine to tidy up! Good luck!šŸ˜‰šŸ‘