What are some simple habits you’ve built into your routine that helps keep your physical space and digital life clutter free? How do you deal with mail and paper / records management? Digital clutter?

Heather Q.
I flag mail that needs attention.
I don’t worry about deleting mail messages i don’t read or need
I unsubscribe when I have time to do that!
I don’t designate much time for email and usually it’s later day after I’ve done more priority stuff
I focus on doing proactive emails more than reacting to other people’s stuff.
Marv O Z.
I try to use more digital access then paper trails, save the trees. Also ritual can get cluttered so i tend to try and unsubscribe from unneeded things and clear I box clutter, if there's important emails I organize them into a folder.
Patrice Y.
To be honest I myself have been struggling with this for a long time because it feels like there is so much to do that this is the easiest thing to out on the back burner. It's best to deal with mail as soon as it comes in. Receipts for things you need or documents upload to a file on computer so you don't have a gigantic mess. It's not easy to stick to.

As far as emails go I was once told by a productive CEO not to worry about deleting every entire email because that's a waste of valuable time instead mark the important ones and make a file for them so when they come in it goes straight to those files. Make files for online receipts etc.