What helped you to make cleaning and tidying a permanent part of your life? ( and not the app wich is great) but something else?

Angela Q.
I'm still working on it! I used to be a super clean and tidy person, but life got in the way in q variety of ways. I have a board that I use to allocate big tasks to different days to keep me on track, and I am trying to get in the habit of putting things away as soon as I finish with them
Amy G.
I think dividing the areas into smaller tasks is critical to not giving up. Just clean the sink and load the dishwasher, for example. Or just di one load of laundry. Looking at the entire formidable insurmountable task can cause you to sit down and binge Netflix!! Right?
Sarah Y.
To me, having an organized workstation makes me feel more focused and calm. Also, small children visit this house frequently, so for obvious safety reasons, I keep things that they can hurt themselves, each other and me in overhead shelves, and put all prescriptions in a lock box .