How do you organize your medicine cabinet so that everything is visible/accessible with ease?

Nic Sio Z.
I do not use a cabinet i use a drawer in my night stand. I try to group them by time to take them. I have even asked my doctor for medications that can be taken at night verses during the day that way I take all at once. – hope that helps

Sa W.
I use plastic containers that used to be in an old fridge. They fit perfectly in a cupboard in my kitchen, and I can see through them and find out where everything is.

Wonderwolf N.
Using organizers from the dollar store is helpful. Also, declutter all the items that you no longer use/need and store the items that you don’t need on a regular basis somewhere else.

Melissa P.
By height or by category. Organizing by height makes everything look better. however category works better. Having your pills in the right area makes them easier to take.

Bebiano Q.
I souls organiza it with the most esencial for the data in first línea, for example times. Morning medicine first row. afternoome medicine second row and so on.

Momo Z.
I don’t… really. I have my vitamins on my dresser, in front of my mirror and hope that I will notice them before leaving for work.

Daphne C.
I use a drawer and partition it with plastic boxes so that, eg meds I need every day are in one container, others I might need in an emergency are in another, etc.

Danica E.
Day medicines and vitamins are kept in a seperate container from occassional use products. That way I grab my day basket and dole out the meds I need for the day

Gabriela Q.
I carry regular meds on me all the time. All other meds are stored in drawers by their type (eg: all cold and flu, all headache, all tummy upset meds).

Luanda S.
I put the most used drugs in the center front part and the more specialized in the back of the cabinet. On the side I arrange the bandages and the ointments.

Nasheema O.
Depending on how much medicine you have, I would dedicate 1 to 2 shelves just to that. Make the labels visible so you can easily identify your prescriptions. If you want to really organize it, put them in alphabetical order so that they are easier to find.

Diether N.
Sorted by type of meds, which order to take them, also by patient & so that easy to read. Also kept away from little hands.

Maria V.
Hello English is not my first language so I don’t express myself very well in English but here it is.
I have made every day medicine in a little purse and once a week I put the 💊 that I need in a weekly 💊 box. So I have it organize daily. The other medicine that I don’t need daily are in another box on the toilet.
It might not be the perfect way to organize but it works for me.

Zoey E.
Well I use pill organizers and labels. As well as sections for medically necessary, pain and things like that. And you can make small shelves with cardboard.

Eva A.
I use little baskets that you can buy for cheap and I separate my medications. Sort them by what they are used for. Pain relievers, sleeping pills, stomach relievers and so on.

Sebastian U.
I leave the ones I use everyday out on the counter so I see it and remember them. Otherwise it’s from back to front of least used to most used (like ear drops to pain relievers)

Isabel P.
Get some of those organised baskets or small cupboards with drawers to put inside your cabinet. You can label everything so you can easily access and organise everything!

Grace X.
Honestly we have two places for our medications. One with the basics (throat lozenges, Panadol etc) I need the draw with our tea and coffee all layer out so they are easy to get to. However the less used stuff or stronger things aren’t in a close time and we try to keep it neat but honestly it never stays that way. So we just end up shuffling though it lol