What is the best way to clean or tidy up when you have a lot to do?

Walter U.
If you need to clean your room then Make the bed , pick up any dishes, glasses or remains of food and put it in the bin Pick up cloethes and put them in the laundry basket , organise your desk then spray some air freshener around your room to make it smell nice and your done!!
Amalie F.
Put some good, loud music. Take before pictures to see the progress of your work.
Understand that you have to start small and not clean the entire house the same day.
Birgitt F.
I organize my clothes, donate old one or those I haven't wore in a while l. Check on my plants. Organize my desk or my laptop
Levi C.
I like to start little by little, like sections. maybe focus on one room at a time. and than I think it just gets easier from there!
Marilyn N.
When you have a lot to do it can be kind of overwhelming but if you imagine how nice and clean it will look afterwards then it makes it easier. also wile your cleaning put on some of your favourite music on it makes it actually kinda fun 👍🏻
Evan T.
Try to compartment it into small parts and then do one bit every day. Tidying up things is also tidying up mood so it’ll be a nice composition of any busy day.
Helmtrud T.
Focus on one main area you want to get cleaner and try to put stuff to right places. You can sort them to piles for example "trash" , "laundry", "dont need anymore" , "put to right place" piles and then organizing things is lot easier and you got clutter free surfaces insantly and only thing to do is organize stuff from floor piles to right places.
Serenity P.
I have a rack for clothing and I just fold clothes over that. Sometimes I have makeup laying around and I just put it in a box and put it away. I always make my bed when Im cleaning because it makes the room look so much better.
Flora E.
Well, vacuum and clean your shelves with dust wipes and. Vacuuming is the most important thing honestly. So do that one.
Alan U.
Do little things. As you're walking through your space clean a little everytime you pass by. Pick up the dirty clothes as you're getting dressed, that kind of thing.
Ingra F.
You can start by making a to-do list, it helps greatly with organizing, and it gives you a sense of relief that not everything is clustered upon each other, which gives you the time to calmly start to work on each chore efficiently and quickly.
Wyatt O.
When approaching a cleaning task, or tasks, it may feel overwhelming. This is okay! Look at the tidying up as a process in which you can see the cleaning being done as you go along. Lists can be so useful to make, the chores will seem less “mammoth” size. You’ve got this!
Taylor J.
Tidying up bit by bit everyday instead of doing the whole work load at a go. This reduces the exhaution experienced while doing it all at once.
Eleanor W.
I normally do a little bit of everything so that I don't feel too overwhelmed.
I do however set goals and do my best to achieve them
Allie Z.
First of all you have to take a deep breath and focus. Then, grab your notebook, journal, whatever and write down all the tasks with the date and time when start with each one of them and when they must be done. Stick to the plan!
Benjamin O.
For me I write down every little thing that I need to do and I pick one thing at a time and I check it off say for example I do my dishes so and it's not just like say it's the whole kitchen the counters the dishes the floors everything so what I do is I will put away my clean dishes organize plates bowls garbage whatever and then I'll start doing my dishes and then I'll do my counters but I wouldn't necessarily do my floors right away then I would check like the living room I would pick up everything off the floor absolutely everything put away dirty laundry garbage all of that stuff etc then I'd like make the beds I put away the toys I have a kid so I put away the toys and I just do step by step and then like if I have to wash off the walls and I do that right before I vacuum or mop or sweet well vacuum sleep and then mop and I just do my laundry through the day or I wait until everything else is done and then I can kind of relax on the couch if I want to listen while I listen to music through the whole day but then if I want to settle down with a little bit TV I can fold my laundry and put it away so that's what I do I don't know if it bad helps
Wilhelm Z.
When I have a busy schedule but I need to clean up, I usually try to multitask while I tidy up. For example, if I need to watch a video for school and put away my laundry, I play the video so I can listen to it while putting the clothes away
Estelle Q.
The best way would be to clean up little bit everyday and tidy up very day this way u wouldn't have a lot to clean hope u like my tip.
Janet O.
I think it's important to remember that if your space isn't clean, it's hard to feel comfortable and ready to get work done. I always find it helps to acknowledge that it might take a little amount of time, find 2 hours when I'm at my least productive in the day anyway (typically a weekend afternoon!), play my favourite tunes and just go super methodically and meticulously through my things. Making sure everything actually goes where it's supposed to helps make it so much more satisfying. I think it's important to not do it in a rush and make sure you're in the mental space to commit to a clean space. You might be busy, but you're also a valuable being and there should always be time to put yourself on the agenda.
Carl W.
Start with one area and tidy that and then move to another area and take little breaks to do the other things you need to do. Also, do it with music so you can vibe while you're doing it
Marie O.
Starting by throwing the trash out in the garage .All the trash!I throw any empty plastic bottles and tissues and all such things .Then,I try to clean and clear the dust off.Finally,and after organizing everything ,
I use to clean the floor.That’s it!
Florian T.
I believe one of the best ways to clean up is to make a game out of it. Say your room for example. Start small. Pick up all the blue things first. Then pick up any trash. Next, collect any dishes that might be in your room. Now it's the clothes that you pick up. Gather all the things that need to go to the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Make small "Mini Games" out of cleaning anything! That's how I was able to do the dishes. Start with only one group then move on to the next group. Hopefully by the end, you'll have less things to pick up. And feel free to change up the order and items. This is just an example.
Wally U.
The best way to do it is to make a little amount of time to get the harder work done, then when you're done with other tasks, you can finish the simpler cleaning activities!
Talytha P.
The best way to clean when we have alot to do is to clear the floor area, put laundry in laundry basket. Get a rubbish bag and pick up all rubbish laying around you can see with your eyes and make your bed. Large surface areas are first seen by our eyes, so make sure they are organised and the room will look neater and cut cleaning in half.
Jon Z.
When there seems to be an overwhelming amount of tidying to do, don't even think about the big picture. Just start with one tiny little island of tidy, one shining beacon of "yes I can." Now another. And another. If you feel your motivation flagging, pause and review your archipelago of achievement. You did that. And each one wasn't really so much work. And look, there's a perfect spot for another one. Before long, you'll be so close to done that, even if you're pretty tired out, you might as well finish these last two or three things and get that glowing sense of pride to rest on.
Kunibert U.
I tidy up a few minutes at a time; try with one room first and keep coming back to it until it’s done. Vacuuming takes less than 5 minutes per room, same with mopping, etc 🙂
Th Odore E.
start by putting music to get energy then get up once comfortable and got a bit of energy then just start one bit at a time even if you don’t finish it all today.
Joel O.
I generally think of meditation as calming but it often ends up being constructive.

Well, just chip away at it. You can effectively clean a whole room if you are organized. I dont know how to answer this tbh it's just habit (admittedly one I'm not practicing atm) but I used to be a chambermaid in a hotel and we were taught to do things in a specific way to be time effective