What’s the best tricks to keep the house clean?

Antonin Y.
when leaving a room, always look back in to see what you can take with you. shoes, trash, empty glasses, missplaced scissors …
Malthe Y.
Try to clean a little at a time. So one day, you can clean part of your room, the next, clean another part until the whole room is clean. Don't put off cleaning, the mess will only get bigger and will seem like it's too big to clean. So clean when the mess is little.
Jeanne E.
Consistency. Making it a habit to always put something away after use. Making sure that everything in your home has a place that it belongs in. Have regular decluttering times. Keeping the necessary cleaning supplies accessable.
Denazaide Q.
I start with reminding myself that I am 100% responsible for every object I bring into my environment. Then I make sure I understand the difference between CLEANING (removing dirt -a force of nature) and TIDYING (removing the items that do not serve my future self and lifestyle and keeping only that which I find happiness with). Next I set out to follow through with promises to myself such as : Wash, dry and put away dishes as I use them; wash, dry and put away laundry as I use each load worth.
Soon I found myself in a cleaner environment and it energized me to build more clutter free and clean habits!
Beatrice Y.
Tidy up for 10-15 minutes every day. Do the dishes and wipe down benches after dinner. Fold washing straight off the line and put away immediately.
Ethan Q.
To always pick up after myself keeping the fishes clean so you can always put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. At least once a week do a deep cleaning
Dera Q.
Take time to declutter each day. Once you start just putting one thing in its proper place, you’ll keep on putting things away and tidying up. Don’t walk past or over something that would take you 10-30 seconds to put away. Don’t let the dishes pile up. It’s the first thing that makes the kitchen look dirty. If something is visibly dirty, clean it right away.