How do develop a decorative style that will help me feel happy/welcome in my living room that tends to be really dark and devoid of sunlight?

Tamara V.
Light colours help brighten a place up. If you can add things with some lightness and brightness it can make a space feel bigger. If you can paint the walls a light colour it makes the whole room feel a little bigger.
Ella U.
Paint the room with lighter colors to make the space look brighter. Also use decorative mirrors to expand on that. My favorite piece is using lots of twinkle lights and decorative light fixtures.
Carmen R.
I really like white furniture and light colours for the walls. I also enjoy having candles and flowers to give the room some life.
Laura C.
Check some magazines that may have a better step by step on how to give more light to your living room. Also, see the side of the window, use light colors on the walls, avoid dark decoration -at least, don’t use that much. For lights, try to use only white ones instead of yellow. That’s it for now! 🙂
Vincent U.
Step 1 = declutter.

Please, Remove absolutely everything from that room, repopulate it on a timing that suits you.

– cheers, hope that'll help you. Micah <3

Monique T.
Fill the room with accent colors. Start by looking at what is already in the room and see if the current items give you a sense of happiness when you look at them and donate anything that doesn’t give you that feeling. Then search for things that spark happiness and creativity and gradually add those to the space. Taking in thrifted items and creating your own pieces can help bring a sense of accomplishment and gets the creative mind going. Adding lighter items and pops of color can add a lot of energy to a dark space, so try and pick a color palette that suits that. Something I find helpful is watching Mr. Kate on YouTube, where they decorate all sorts of rooms on various budgets. Good luck!
Hayley G.
Comfortable places to sit. Big plushy decorative pillows and soft blankets to cuddle with. I find that creates a cozy atmosphere whether there is lighting or not
Rachel Y.
I feel your pain. Dark rooms suck. The best thing you can do is paint your room a light colour. White, or if you want colour choose the palest shade possible. Colours always look darker on your walls than they do on the colour preview cards they have at paint stores. Go to a store that specializes in home renovations painting and they can help you pick the best colour for your situation. I would also recomend looking at your indoor lighting situation. See if you can add more lights, and whiter lights, to mimick natural sunlight.
Rawan N.
You can make it lighter by bright colors for walls or the couch or adding some colors for pillows
Also, you can but a handemade quotes that you like or motivate you ( you can find ideas on YouTube or pinterest) that will give you a good vibe for your living room
Massimo X.
I suggest that you should consider the color of your wall, you could choose pastel colors to brighten up the background or the whole ambiance of your room. And remember that less is more, better to put or buy things you only need, every day. You could put a mirror too, a whole body mirror, which I believe that it will change the mood of the room. Green potted plants could help you feel the calmness also.
Julia F.
lights, i would recommend LED or fairy lights. because with these you can add a pop of colour while also brightening things up.
Fernando E.
Mirrors and bright or light colors are key. Mirrors help a lot in darker spaces because light bounces off of them and throughout the rest of the room. Even if you only have one small window it will still do the trick! They are also pretty decorative pieces as well. To continue that welcoming feeling in your living room, I would suggest picking out decor like a painting or decorative pillows that contain bright or warm colors. Bright colors are more for an energetic vibe while warm colors are soothing and welcoming.
Grace J.
I use a variety of lighting to achieve a light setting to match my purpose. A "Happy Light" for stormy days to mimic sunlight. A desk lamp for targeted lighted. Two floor lamps for strong any time light. A table lamp for additional lighting. A salt lamp for calming and atmosphere. And string lights all around for soft nighttime lighting!
Batista Z.
The use of bright colors is very important. Also using mirrors to make the space look bigger its recommended. Pinterest is a good tool for ideas
Sander F.
Have plenty of light, what I mean is: use candles to make the room feel warmer and use lamps and natural light to make you living room more bright and happy
Lexi N.
So it depends where the window is try to focus all your most used areas in line with the window so your desk, couch etc… and don't block your window with anything like a couch half covering it.
Freja W.
The first method is white paint on the walls and ceiling. It gives the illusion of making the room much more spacious. Multifunctional furniture is another method: couches with shelves and/or secret storage, entertainment systems with closed shelves, etc. As for the walls, don't overclutter them with tons of pictures but sort and organize photos into smaller sections on the walls to prevent clutter. Finally, remove small things that do not serve a purpose to the living room. A corner lamp with bright white lightbulbs helps at night and during the day, open up the curtains and blinds to let in that healthy vitamin D! Do not use blackout curtains! White valences and possibly Lacey curtains are best.
Aleksandra J.
Luckily for this question, I am living in the dark room. The best way to make it comfy is to put around some candles, I have also big wooden sculptures, one of Buddha, second is an elefant fighting with tiger. I also keep my room celan and fresh so it is more engaging 🙂
Sa W.
I like corner lamps. Maybe a reading chair in a corner with a nice lamp to go with it?

Also, a string of lightbulbs along the walls can make a dark room nicer. Maybe only for one or two walls, the darkest.

And a lamp to light up your favourite painting/poster?

Allan J.
In my living room I keep everything tidy and light to increase the feeling of ease and positivity. Unkempt spaces clutter our senses and bring negative emotions. I have a few paintings in light tones or with symbolic meaning (for instance a big abstract peace we painted together with my 4-year old daughter), as well as plants to increase the feeling of light and well-being. I would suggest you threw a few light-toned blankets on the sofa, tidy up everything so there is no dust or magazines, plates, etc lingering around, put on a few candles, plant pots and corner lights and you will feel already much better!
Sophia E.
I would use alot of lights (lamps, christmas lights, etc) and live plants. Makes it seem more alive and inviting. Lighter color paint on at least the top half of walls will help, too. Mirrors help the space look bigger, as well as distribute and multiply existing light. Google and Pinterest have great visuals.
Amarildo Q.
Painting the room a light neutral colour will make the room brighter and feel larger. Add some bright accent pieces to give the room colour and style
Lois P.
I use lamps, plants and scents to lighten the environment. Artwork goes a long way to assist. Paintings and posters can make spaces feel less drab.
Helen N.
Use bright light paints, certain brands do high reflecting paint. Add lamps, candles and mirrors to bounce the light around and plants.
Patricia T.
Paint your room in a warm colour, even a warm yellow if you can. I used 1/2 Spanish white (Resene in New Zealand) and although my furniture was quite dark that coupled with warm yellow curtains, and ambiance lighting worked really well. Hope this helps!
Madeleine O.
Hi! Try to put a mirror reflecting a part you all really like. Some more light sources. Light and brighter colours. for example two cushions in a colour you feel absolutely happy about. Read more about Feng Shui… and have fun trying it out. Blessings Lula