How do you feel after you clean?

Charlene A.
I feel more put together, more organised. It is like I finally have everything in place and more ready to start the day and it feels good to have a clean and organised place to come home to.
Cl Ment Q.
I can never get enough done as the house is too big and no one seems to help much, but its good to know some area is more hygienic and i try to gave a sort out of out grown junk
Sidney N.
I feel amazing! It was terrible at first and through the process but after you are done it feels like you’ve achieved something trust me, the sooner you go start that test, the sooner it will end
Brayden I.
I feel very good and you have actually achieved some of your cleaning goals is good and your family is actually happy you r getting your jobs done before you play games on your Xbox one or whatever you know what I
Lucy Z.
Tidying my home every morning gives me a very nice feeling of accomplishment. I take 15-20 minutes every morning to dust, put everything back to its place and vacuum. Seeing my home clean and done helps me to focus on what I have ahead in my day.
Steph X.
Tidy house, tidy mind! I find living in clutter very overwhelming so it makes me happy to walk into a room that has space and is organised. I also find it gets me motivated to do other small jobs around the house!
Heather Y.
Very exhausted and like i want to do ten more things. It is always hardest to start the first task and then starting becomes much easier than finishing. But yes afterwards i feel a good kind of exhausted.
Anna W.
Det har en lugnande effekt och framför allt minskar det min stress under kvällen. Jag vill att barnen och T skall komma hem till ett städat hushåll, där vi istället kan umgås och fokusera på roligare saker.
Richard Q.
I feel proud of myself and it feels amazing to have a clean room to sit in that smells nice and looks clean. I also don’t get to worry so much about having a dirty room. I like cleaning, but only when I decide to do it not on someone else’s terms.
Dembo N.
I love to clean up because cleanliness is next to godliness and I can't stay around dirty its devalue my standards and reputation. So I always feel great and happy after each cleaning
Marusjha N.
Me siento en paz, siento como si hubiera conquistado la flojera y me gusta ver el resultado final. Saber que puedo crear ambientes de armonía para mi y los que viven conmigo. Regresar cada cosa a su lugar, saber que las puedo volver a encontrar.
Sydnee T.
I feel very good! I think me cleaning helps me feel more productive. Also, cleaning is like a way to get rid of the negative energy around my house. It helps me be in a calm and grounded place. If my room dirty I find myself to not focus or just be in my thoughts a lot. When I clean my room I feel better and more relax. More focus❤️
Marius W.
I feel free.But how? When i do all my work all day long , i start to clean my room . I don't rlly wanna do it ,but when i start it's ok then.i turn on music it really helps me to do it. And when i am done i feel free
Gundi U.
It makes me feel relaxed and little more enjoyable that I don’t have to get stressed out on things that I have to get done that day.
Coline C.
It makes me feel happy. Even though I don't make everything spotless immediately, it makes me glad to know that I'm at least putting effort into improving myself. Like each water bottle or cup I remove I'm shedding a little bit of weight with each step. Instead of using my hands to destruct, I'm using them to do good. That makes me happy.
Annette X.
Fabulous! Refreshed! It helps me rest my mindset, my feeling about the distraction, the obligations waiting for me, the restart to my day.
Mads A.
After i clean i feel like ive accomplished something good and Im proud of myself. I also feel clean and refreshed and tidy, like I can finally relax.
Frederik P.
Ready to start my day, once I do my cleaning my mind is also cleaner. I think organic ING in the morning helps me have a good day knowing all my sruff is perfect where it is.
Алина Екимова N.
Actually, I don't really like cleaning, that's why I try to do a bit of it daily and after that I feel like a real hero because I made myself to do something to keep my home clean
Lanie Y.
After I clean my house/room I always feel accomplished and productive. I also feel serene because it is clean and I can just relax.
Darla F.
Before I begin the process of tidying up my space, I feel overwhelmed about the chaos and mess around me. After cleaning, seeing the clear space gives me a sense of accomplishment because while I can create chaos, I am also capable of putting things in order. I also feel at ease and it’s in line with the identity of who I want to become.
Anna J.
I feel more organized and productive even if I wasn’t productive that day. This makes me feel better and not guilty for taking a break from studying. It helps me to keep my space clean which is helping me with my studying in the long run.
Lise Y.
Sometimes i feel terrible. Sometimes after cleaning i feel disgusting and disappointed that it didn't wind up looking that much better clean. But if I'm in the mood while cleaning or listening to music i feel really proud about myself, and am motivated to clean more. But no matter what im always happy at the end of the day that i actually did something productive.
Carmen T.
how I feel after I clean Is nice. I feel like I have been some what more productive than I usually am. When I clean I feel more organized especially the look of my room when it’s clean makes me feel better.
Alexandra Y.
After I clean I feel refreshed and more ready to get on with the day in a clean and nondistracting environment so that you have less ways to procrastinate and don't clean later on instead of doing work.
Autumn G.
I feel a lot less stressed and much more relaxed. I enjoy having a clean space to enjoy my time in, and getting into a routine of cleaning every day makes it a lot less overwhelming.
H Dieter X.
It feels very satisfying if after Im done everything looks clean. Which means that I need to do it everyday to keep the amount of cleaning to do small. I find it hard to schedule bigger cleaning tasks like scrubbing the floors, cleaning the fridge and doing laundry. I get very lazy about laundry especially.
Florence F.
I feel like I've cleaned also myself.
First of all, if you want to do something you can do that because everything is clean and the space is optimized.
Then you don't have to be ashamed to invite some people over
Lorana Z.
I feel really good about myself bc I am a messy person. I don't like tiding up but after I do it i feel so munch better. And for the app muncho gracias
Alison E.
I feel better once I clean because not only does it clean my living space but it helps clear my mind of thoughts by focusing only on the task at-hand. I feel accomplished upon finishing, and proud of my home.
Beth T.
I feel better than before because I feel organized and it feels as if I have started a "new chapter" in my life. It's also a great feeling to finish hard work and the difference is spectacular.
Phillip W.
I feel active and energetic. More focus on eating, drinking and workout habits regularly, even before opening phone I know what to do with time to time. Awesome….
Micheal P.
Well the cleaning doesn't include much. I only have to do my bed and organize my room. But after that i feel productive and better about myself
Marv O Z.
My clothes are very cleaned. Just the cleaning price is high. I have used the same brand cleaning machine in student dorm and for the washing, I only have to pay 0.60€ but here, I have to pay 2.50€. It will be good if the price is reduced a bit.
Anna U.
I feel more comfortable the reason we have to clean the house so that our house does not have a nest of disease and we feel comfortable staying at home
Edouard B.
It feels like a chore, difficult, draining, and it’s just picking up clothes from the floor and making my bed etc., I don’t do it often but still.
Frederik W.
I feel great knowing that I know where everything is and knowing that there are no fall hazards and I feel complete because I know that I have done a task that I needed to do.