How often do you deep clean your house/apartment? Do you find that tidying up throughout the week helps reduce deep clean times?

G Lten G.
Well I focus on following the guide. 10 minutes of tidying up. Sometimes I choose to spend my deep focus time on one specific room and doing a thorough job. My family likes to say “clean and ye shall find” slowly but surely my place is getting more and more manageable. I tend to have an impulse thought, like – I should pick that up, if I ignore it, it seems that general chaos starts to set in. If I listen to that impulse, I find I usually grab a few more things. The key is to not really have an expectation. But to just go with the flow. Do some picking up until you feel at peace with what you’ve done. Sometimes that’s just one trip to the trash can. Sometimes it’s organizing your sock drawer. Sometimes it’s wiping down the doors. Sometimes it’s half loading the dishwasher. Don’t focus on what you should do so much as what you can do at this moment.
Mathias E.
Not very often. I am overwhelmed and tidying up is all I can try to do, but I can never seem to catch up nor do I know what to do with everything.
Alix T.
I try to clean as much as I can. Sometimes I don’t clean as often as I would like too! I want to get in the habit of cleaning and picking up when it needs to be done I tend to procrastinate.
Victor U.
I do it it every day a tidy up raises the vibration on your energy and the houses energy a lot, I deep clean about 3 or 4 times a week and sometimes divide it up in to sections if I’m busy. I love cleaning and I’m also OCD
Delani E.
I am not sure how often I do a deep cleaning, usually when it looks necessary. I always do in the beginning or ending of a semester. Tidying up throughout the week absolutely helps.
George C.
I deep clean once a week, and I clean a little deeper once every 2 months. I make sure there’s no mess every night before I go to bed – this makes everything more tidy and manageable.
Alice O.
I like to do a quick sweep of the house every evening to keep clutter and dirt from building up. It makes for more sustainable clean when i do the deep cleaning every weekend.
Wyatt Z.
One deep clean per week, and try to clean dishes as I go, and pick up things off the floor after I’ve finished in a room.
Hannah W.
Absolutely! If you keep on top of lots of small things everyday it makes deep cleaning very quick and satisfying. I deep clean once a week and keeps everything feeling nicer :).
Viviana Z.
It’s inevitable. Deep cleaning has to be done. I try to “tidy up” as I go along in my daily life, which helps. I think it does reduce time spent deep cleaning.
Anika X.
I try to deep clean about every two weeks, cleaning up messes right after you make them helps me keep tidier. I also declutter for 10 minutes every morning
Mikhail Y.
I deep clean my home with changing seasons. I’ve always had intentions of creating a cleaning schedule and I hope to be inspired with doing this so a deep clean is nice but not fully necessary