Do you have a cleaning checklist?

Nana W.
Firs I look around the house and see what is dirty, messy or broken. Make a game plan. Do the dishes so they have time to air dry, soak what needs to be soaked with the appropriate product, like the toilet or the stove top. Then go through every room, starting with the first room from the door. Make beds if any. Clear and clean top to bottom. Throw everything to the floor and clean those last. Last is ambiance, light a candle or lower the lights, play some music and if you are into scents, do that. Enjoy your space.
Mark P.
no. I like to do the washing up most days and spritz the kitchen but I'm not exactly neurotic about it. I do have standards for cleaning but tbh I just dont see it as a necessary daily activity. I've worked in service so know how to effectively clean a room in an ordered and time effective manner. Alot of it is todo with my house being a shithole and not even looking tidy when its tidy. that might be a bit of an excuse
Lorenzo Z.
Not really. I used to have a very complex one which I followed precisely . I would like to get another one going and I will but mum makes it really hard.
Jerome U.
No, I don’t. In fact I actually never have to clean, my mom does everything. I feel a bit guilty for her but I’m really busy with homework so I don’t have a lot of time for anything!
Cathy G.
Not right now, but I've been looking at some online. There are quite a few and as long as you stay away from Etsy they are either free or very cheap. I like to make a longer list of 10 minute jobs. I like to clean house a little at a time but get through everything every 2 weeks. I do the kitchen every night and the bathrooms once a week.