How do you choose what cleaning/tidying task to do when you have a five or ten minute window unexpectedly?

Corinne O.
It depends on the time of day, if it’s first thing in the morning or in the evening / just before bed it’s always the kitchen the dishes worktops bin etc as I like coming down to a nice tidy area and the kitchen is the first thing I come down too. If it’s during the day I use my hinch list. It also depends on how productive I’m feeling, if I don’t feel productive I chose something small that I enjoy doing and if I do feel productive I chose my worst job
Merry R.
I made a list of short tasks and then wrote them on colorful slips of paper. They sit in a nice jar and act as a functional decoration, because I draw one whenever I need inspiration and motivation. I set a timer and work on that thing for ten minutes!
Toula K.
Usually if I only have 10 minutes my first impulse is to spend it on my phone,but if I have to do something fast I would choose to wash the dishes,pick up stuff laying around,put the clothes in the washing machine or hang them
Lucineide O.
I usually do a quick pick up/wipe down of the surfaces in high traffic areas such as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. I also pick up anything laying out such as trash, dishes, etc. I also like to fluff my decorative couch pillows, and fold my living room blanket.
Simon G.
I simply start and choose the first thing my mind touches on. I’ve found that when I give myself too much time to think and ponder and question which task and why it does nothing to help me. Sometimes it’s needed to balance other things yes. But when it comes down to it my major issue is starting a task. So I simply start. And then I find that I’ve completed it much faster than I expected and I may have time to start another!