Where do you start cleaning and if you don’t have time to do the whole place where do you stop to still feel good about doing it?

Oswald T.
I start with cleaning up the bathroom first since small children visit my house frequently. After I am finished, either wash my bedding or make my bed, than I pick up the floor and vacuum from the bedroom door to the end of the hallway.
Herman N.
I always focus on the kitchen and bathroom as this is where you can see the most impact of your work. I would suggest usually focusing on the areas causing the most stress
Klaus Peter O.
I need the dishes done, the living room picked up and my bed made to feel alright with my living space. If I vacuum, sweep or mop the floor, I'm happier. If I go as far as dusting, I'm proud.
L Rke C.
I’m new at this. But recently, when I get the reminder, I set a timer(or the app times it) and I start exactly where I’m standing. If it’s the bedroom-I work the bedroom until it’s complete.(enough that my mind can be clear when I enter the bedroom)
Thea W.
Pick a spot that you see every day and that bothers you the most or a lot. Pick something small enough that you can tackle it thoughtfully in the time you have. Maybe it’s a pile of papers that you walk past every day thinking “someday” you will address it. Make today “someday”!
Laurie F.
I generally start by tidying up my bed, because that alone gives the room a sense of harmony. When I don’t have time to clean everything, I stop at my desk, because that way I will at least feel I’m working in a friendly environment with no distractions.
Marius Z.
I’m always too busy so it’s hard to clean. I pick either the dishes or the living room and just set a timer for ten minutes. It’s amazing how much you can achieve in ten minutes! That might be enough some days, but others you might rest and then do another ten minutes. I promise it works.
Barb Z.
I start with getting things off the floor so that I’m not having to step around or over things. If I don’t have time to do everything I at least get things halfway put away. For example, dirty dishes in the sink, things that go upstairs in a pile at the bottom step, things to do at my desk in a pile.
Esther O.
I always make my bed right when I get up but if that isn't done I would start there. Then clothes, if I have clothes I've tried on and decided not to wear still out, I'd put them away, same with laundry I haven't put away yet. I might straighten up my desk a little. Wipe down my bathroom sink and countertop. I live in an apartment so theres not much to keep up with. If my space is clean quickly I might move to the kitchen and do some dishes.