When do you perform your cleaning tasks?

Catherine F.
I do them at the end of my day normally. I run my pet business out of my home so that is the best time to clean up from the day, prepare things for tomorrow and go to bed knowing I accomplished what needed done.

Laura Z.
Probably around 10:30 after my morning coffee and before we make breakfast,we eat breakfast at noon,been keeping everything up well,just touching up and dishes everyday

Lamia Y.
For short cleaning tasks (for example cleaning the stove or the kitchen table) I find it most helpful to do it as I go instead of leaving it to pile up. For longer stuff (for example, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the whole house, etc) I do whenever I feel energized, for example if I’m coming back from a stroll outside and am already “moving and doing stuff”. I find it easier to take advantage of times when I’m already motivated to do stuff rather than try to convince myself to start cleaning when I’m in a lazy mood in my PJs.

Lucinara N.
I do a short cleaning task in the morning, while preparing my breakfast. I try to be mindfull during my day to notice the things that can be removed/cleaned within minutes, even seconds and to really do that when I notice them. And I am introduc8ng similar moments in the evening, putting things in order and prepare space for my morning rituals.
I do longer tidying tasks ussually in early evenings, so I can take it as a deep work – as I am decluttering and reordering my archives (personal and professional) and there was never enough time for that. I decided the time is now and really do it And it shows the results, already. Liberating 🙂

Chris U.
As I have a chance honestly, so not as often as I need to. I would like to have a schedule that doesn't get interrupted and where I am not too tired at the end of the day to do it