How can you prevent having to tidy up in the first place?

Eugen M.
I follow the "touch it once" rule. If I have to pick something up or use it, the second my hand leaves it, it needs to be back in its place, rather than set down on a convenient flat surface.
G Raldine F.
When you use something you put it away as soon as done.

Do awway with the things that you do not need.
tt I
Avoid procrastination of tidying small things so that it doesn't accumulate

Britney F.
You can't really prevent tidying but you can prevent long hours of cleaning by doing a little bit every day. Try starting with putting one thing where it's supposed to go per day. You have to do small tidying more often, but it is easier to find time to do it and it is far less exhausting.
August N.
The truth of the matter is, you will always have to tidy up at some point. Whether it be immediate or after the fact, there will be a mess to clean. Your power over your messes are not if you'll have to clean, but when.

Personally, my cleaning habits are mixed between the end of my days and the start of the next. I'm a night owl, so sometimes I'm working or gaming until I'm exhausted and lack the energy/motivation to clean up. I'll quickly create a spot to collect my mess to make it easier to clean up in the morning. Other times I run out of work to complete so I have time to kill before I'm tired and will clean as part of my nightly routine.

All in all, you'll always have to maintain your mess. You decide what works best for you.

Eva P.
Don’t put off tomorrow what i can do today. I tend to leave things and just say I’ll get it later. It’s just as easy to get it now. I have this inner monologue that says, “Elizabeth just get it”. I don’t always listen and I should. It takes so long to put my laundry away because I take too long to do it and then get overwhelmed. Laundry goal = twice a week. Doing laundry will now include putting it away.
Susan F.
You can't. You either choose to tidy up continuously or leave a mess around you until you do a big cleanup. Neither's gonna be fun. Just do it anyway, for the sake of your peace of mind.
Cathy A.
In order to prevent from having to tidy up in the first place, things would have to be put away in their designated spot or thrown away immediately after use, things would have to be wiped or cleaned immediately, things would have to be picked up immediately upon notice. In my 20’s I tried living in that way with a husband and 2 young children and it doesn’t take long before you burnout and feel exhausted from constantly trying to maintain tidiness, unless you barely live in or are at home. From my experience of 25 years of homemaking, a home is meant to be lived in and feel cozy and inviting. When I tidy, it’s not for the perfection of looking like we live in a model home, like I used to do long ago, but to add comfort, safety, pleasantries and love. A home is a sanctuary or refuge and should reflect qualities that uplift, inspire, motivate, bring happiness and joy, comfort, safety, beauty, love, creativity, so on and so forth. Tidying isn’t just cleaning, it’s about raising the energy of the space, environment and atmosphere to where you feel really good being there. We are all greatly influenced by our environments and atmospheres and when it promotes wellbeing, we live life well.
Edwidge Y.
By trying to put things back in their places after using them.
Pick up after your self, have the kids clean up after themselves.
Adriana T.
Put things where they belong. Make sure everything has a place. It should be a quick tidy at night, especially after dinner.
Chia W.
Dont mess it up in the first place. 😂
Most of the clean and tidy up section is to sweep the floor, iron the shirts, its more like a housework but not doing it in the first place had then become something to clean & tidy up
Lamar N.
I prevent tidying up by giving myself at least 30 min to look around and clean up easily and motivate myself be saying “imago how much work you don’t need to do in the future if you clean NOW “ just like the mirror “way” and and also when my space is clean I feel much more motivated relaxed comfortable and most importantly not only my space is clean and arranged also my brain is
Pam C.
I was taught the live with the mottoes "A place for everything, and everything in its place," and, especially for cooking "Tidy as you go." They help a lot, but don't completely eliminate the need to tidy. Nevertheless, overall, little and often is the best way to keep on top of things.
Emily Z.
— Clean as you go. Every single moment, be mindful of your actions.

— Think "SANITARY" as opposed to "CLEAN". This way, you'll definitely not have to clean as often.

— Meditate. Improve your mindfulness. This is KEY to becoming a consistently clean person and having a consistently clean and organised environment.

Margret R.
Tidy up all the days, make your space comfortable and relax! Think in all the things you can do if you tidy up your space. My personal secret: Marie Kondo. Good luck! ♡
Ma Lle N.
Impossible unless you don't live. Mess inevitably arises as things are used and you live in a place. Tidy is only achievable at a point, then must be sacrificed in exchange for use, and only regained through the effort of cleaning. It's a cycle. Bad idea to want things tidy 100% of the time, it's impossible and you'll be disappointed most of the time, again that is unless you don't live and leave everything alone, then things can remain tidy at the cost of your life.
Julio J.
Prepare. Delegate small tasks to the kids. Share the responsibilty with your spouse. Make a weekly plan of which chores are to be done on each day. Put everything where it belongs asap. Designate a place for each thing. It takes time but you'll get there. Small changes everyday.
Prakhar Q.
By organising myself better. If I have a set plan for the day and a set agenda for the day then I will be able to stay on top of tasks and hence now be rushed
Adriana T.
Put it away before you forget. Or when you know you're going to that room, look around to see if there is anything you can take with you.
Pepe N.
in the first place, get rid of clutter. use the marie kondo method,or something similar. take some time for yourself and get rid of the unnecessary stuff that "doesnt spark joy". then,you will have less things to tidy up. also,talk to your family to fairly distribute the household chores and insist on respecting this system. and then,the succeess is in the small but continuous and regular work
Jo O K.
I've found that the habit of tidying up every day puts me in tune with where things belong and what I should keep clean. This makes it much easier to develop behaviors that end up shortening the tidying up time. So I guess the answer for me was just to commit those 10 minutes everyday and sticking to that.
Rebecca N.
Clean in full on day and remember to complete a task in full. Having a meal isn't just eating but preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning up after.
Shirley U.
Good question. I always thought of it as an ongoing process- a never ending call. But then I throw my coat on the carpet vs hanging it in the closet during the day. No wrinkles, ready to use, less time etc.
Andrea J.
You can’t! Maybe this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for. When fun is happening, when memories are being made a trail of adventure is always left behind. It is always helpful to have everyone clean up after themselves the best they can but adventures can be messy. They can be full of powdery flour or sticky dough, cool mud and sand covered flip flops, colorful paint and saw dust in the hair. Adventure is raw and can be harsh. So there’s always clean up. Sometimes it’s the best part.
Nicole J.
Keep up dont catch up. Preventing your home or area from getting out of hand and overwhelming in the first place is key. Touch everything once when cleaning. Pick some things up and dont put them down unless you are putting them where they go. Everything in your space must have a home. Understand that the messes will never stop. Dishes and laundry is a neverending cycle. The sooner we accept this the sooner we can get over the drag and into our groove.
Franca J.
The best way is putting away every object you use right after using it. If get the habit of doing so you will save a lot of time having to tidy up and when you go to your home everything will feel in peace
Lesley Z.
Clean as you go all the time, have your family do the same. Whenever you get up you should make it a habit to take something to the trash , pick up something or put anything back in its place that is not there to begin with. Small tasks constantly will help from cleaning for hours occasionally.