I sometimes find cleaning too mindful and I can get caught up in worried thoughts. Any tips on how to avoid this pattern?

Elias W.
Turn on some music you like and know the lyrics to. If you sing along to them and dance a little to it, you won't have time to worry or overthink. Music is a nice distraction. But make sure it's something cheerful!
Sharmaine Z.
Hi there,i hope you have a great day.I know that it's a little hard but if you really want to limite to use social media you can do it.It just need your reall motive.
Ronnie Y.
Put on music to take you out your head, realise that difficult thoughts may lead to growth,be present, think of results
Sharmaine Z.
I personally enjoy doing chores so this doesn't really bother me.

All I worry about is that I may not be able to finish everything that I wanted to do.

But then I'll think instead that rest is more important so I give it to tomorrow's plans instead.