How do you motivate yourself to exercise every day or almost? My workout routine is about an hour and a half, but I also have to study and balance my relationships. How should I resolve this situation?

Sky A.
Commitment. It is everything. You either do it or you don’t. Commitments are unbreakable if you consistently break your commitment you are not committed. If you decide to be committed there is no more deciding. You do not decide everyday whether or not you’ll exercise, you already decided once, now the only thing is to just do it and check the box.

Katherine C.
The problem is the duration of the workout. What I suggest is you find a couple exercises that you can do within 5 minutes (let's say 10 push ups, 10 squats and 10 sit ups). Do those every day and your long workout 3 days a week. Hope this helps!

Abel Mio N.
I am ice skating so I practice 4 hours a day. We can say that working 1 and a half hours is easy for me. We are quarantine so when I don't go on ice, I'm always at home. i don't go out So I have time for my family and my lessons. I developed this by making a plan for myself. I have a plan hanging on my room wall and I always look at it.
I hope I could help. always stay positive and love yourself.

Rebeca R.
Think about working towards my goal. I know that sitting around and quitting is not going to help me improve. And sometimes I don't have motivation and I skip workout.Personally I would not do such a long workout routine because I do have a lot of school work to do exactly like you. That is why I said up along workout I would do a short 20-minute workout, an intense workout.Some days when I'm not feeling like doing a workout I just do my 10-minute stretches or go for a 15-minute walk with my headphones on and I reflect on what I did on this perfect Day.